The US health care system alone spends about a trillion dollars a year fighting the ill effects of sugar consumption- Credit zuisse

Despite studies, labeling and a growing number of substitutes, sugar consumption continues to grow and dominate the global markets. Sugar being so versatile, available and affordable it’s use reaches the remotest corners of the world, across a variety of applications including food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. As a major food ingredient, sugar does not just provide sweetness, apart from its unique taste it provides energy, texture, bulking, solubility, browning, freezing point depression, preserving, moisture retention to food. Making sugar one of the toughest ingredients to replace.

Socially the sugar cane/beet industry (from its farmers, sugar mills, processors to logistics providers) apart from sugar supply provide employment and livelihood to a 100 million plus people across the globe.

Sugar alternatives like high intensity sweeteners or low intensity sweeteners including natural products like stevia, monk fruit, sugar alcohols ... functionally, environmentally, socially and economically fall short on most counts, apart from not being able to address fundamental issues like taste, availability and long term safety to become true sugar replacement alternatives. No wonder sugar use continues to dominate and grow.Fortunately sucrose (which constitutes 90% of the sugar consumed) is just one of the many sugars present in nature. There are many natural sugars that not only provide the sweetness, taste and function of sucrose but are very low in calories. Some even perform better than sugar across applications.

Petiva have spent over a decade developing the next generation of ultralow calorie, low GI sugars that are not only affordable, tasty and scalable but are functionally, environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Empowering Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Food and beverage manufacturers are challenged with reducing sugar, given sugar is an essential component in most recipes and products (providing taste and functionality - acting as a bulking, browning agent, texture modifier, flavour enhancer, preservative amongst many other things). There is no single ingredient that can replicate all of these functions in every application. High-intensity sweeteners, sugar alcohols have all proven drawbacks from taste, functionality, safety to scalability and cost.

Honeytose & Nectarose are a next generation sugar that are 100% natural, near zero calories, ultra low GI, tasty, function better than Sucrose, HFCS and Glucose across many applications, affordable, scalable, proven safe and sustainable.

Product Applications

Market Research

Majority of the consumers today when buying products read package labels andlook for sugar content.

A recent survey by food navigator* which took opinions of 2500 adults between 18 to 75 in Europe** (who were partly or completely responsible for grocery shopping) revealed that majority 60% plus monitor dietary sugar intake, 25% actively look to purchase low sugar products, 55% reviewed the type of sweetener used in reduced sugar products (choosing natural sweeteners over chemical sweetener). Consumers were actively seeking products with authentic sweet taste. Taste differences can make or break brands which manufacturers are hesitant to risk and around half of the surveyed said that there were not enough popular food products with health benefits.

* Sugar reduction now a “key mindset” of consumers survey shows by Wai Lang Chu (Food Navigator).

** Surveyed In France, Germany, Italy, Germany and United Kingdom. An average adults sugar consumption in Europe as a percent of daily calories is 17% and may be higher in children making them the highest per capita sugar consumers in the world.

There is significant interest across the food and beverage industry (surveyed by Petiva) independent of scale to develop low-calorie, low sugar versions of their popular brands “without compromising on the genuine taste and functionality that sugar provides”. Early movers expect to see a major market advantage.

Honeytose & NectaroseTrials

In a double blind study by Petiva consumers were unable to distinguish between Sucrose and Honeytose based products across
applications - chocolates, baked products and flavoured beverages.